Steps to copy RDS DB Snapshot across AWS Accounts and Restore

Steps to follow:

Step 1:

1.    Open the Amazon RDS console, and Log in to the As a Service source account.

  • Go to RDS Service and Choose RDS DB Instance “Applications”
  • Choose the Action – > Take Snapshots from the navigation pane.
  • Search for the Manual Snapshot created successfully.

Step 2:

2.    Search for KMS Service and Choose Customer managed keys from the navigation pane.

3.    Choose the name of your custom managed key, or choose Create key, if you don’t yet have one. 


4.    From the Key administrators section, Add the AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) users and roles who can administer the AWS KMS key.

5.    From the Key users section, Add the IAM users and roles who can use the customer master key (CMK) to encrypt and decrypt data.

6.    In the Other AWS account Section, choose Add another AWS account, and then enter the AWS account number of the target AWS account. 

7.    Choose the Manual snapshot that you created, choose Actions, and then choose Copy Snapshot.

8.    Choose the Custom KMS Key created in the Encryption section and then enter a New DB Snapshot Identifier.

9.    Choose Copy Snapshot and section Action -> Shared Snapshot.

Step 3:

10.    Open and login into the Another Amazon RDS console – Target AWS Account.

11.    Choose RDS Service and Choose the Shared to Me tab from the navigation pane.

12.    From the shared Snapshots from the Shared to Me pane, choose Action -> Copy Snapshot

13.    Cross check the KMS key is selected while creating the Copy Snapshot from the Target account.

AWS KMS KEY : arn:aws:kms:<location>:<Account Number>/<key_value>.

14.     Wait till the Copy Snapshot is created successfully and Choose the Snapshot from the Manual Snapshot tab.

15.    Choose Actions->Restore Snapshot to create the new RDS instance into the Target AWS Region. 

16.    Provide the required parameter like Database Name and Port Number, while creating the new Target RDS instance as per the request.

17.    After the RDS DB snapshot is restored successfully, Check the RDS Endpoint connectivity and confirm.


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