AWS RDS Oracle Database – Download files from S3 bucket

Download Files from AWS S3 Bucket to RDS Oracle DB

1. Download all files from S3 Bucket folder

Step 1:

Login in to the AWS Console and check the S3 bucket folder path for availability of the Files to be moved into to RDS DB Instance.

Step 2:

Execute the below download query with the right details for S3 bucket folder name, files name

SELECT rdsadmin.rdsadmin_s3_tasks.download_from_s3(
p_bucket_name => ‘db-bkps’,
p_directory_name => ‘DATA_PUMP_DIR’)

You will get a task ID and replace the dbtask ID in the below query to check the file download status.


The download status of the files from S3 bucket to RDS Instance will be displayed as below.

Step 3:

When you cross the status in the Database Data Pump folder path with the below query, you get the status as below

select filename, filesize/1024/1024.00 size_in_gb from table(RDSADMIN.RDS_FILE_UTIL.LISTDIR(‘DATA_PUMP_DIR’)) order by filename;

The status show that the file as <xxxxx.incomplete> denotes as downloading is in progress.

Files Download from S3 bucket to RDS instances can be found from few methods as shown below.

2. Download a specific individual file from S3 Bucket

Use the below query to download the specific individual file from the S3 bucket folder.

SELECT rdsadmin.rdsadmin_s3_tasks.download_from_s3(
p_bucket_name => ‘db-bkps’, — S3 bucket name where you want to download from.
p_s3_prefix => ‘db-bkps/DBA.dmp’, — Folder name and individual file name
p_directory_name => ‘DATA_PUMP_DIR’) — Directory Name you want to download to.

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